Solvent Distillation Unit

100 Ltr, 200 Ltr

Solvent Distillation Unit

@flexo 100L-RHB / @flexo 200L-RHB
Special Features Solvent recovery unit for photopolymer flexo plates

A. General description:

This is designed for recovery of flexographic photopolymer plate solvent washout chemical and any environmental green chemical with specialties of distilling and cooling, can be connected with in-line processor and any plate washout machine directly. With cold air circulation and drain out of residue for high speed recovery. Super recovering rate in the shortest time, is an ideal and high efficient recovery unit for flexographer.

B. Technical information:

Recovery volume : 60 / 80 liters
Power consume: 220V 4.65KW
Diathermic oil : 23 KG
Machine dimension: Main body: 1100x 780x1200 mm
Recovery rate: 85%
Recovery time : 3 ~ 4 hours

100 Ltr Solvent Recovery

100 Ltr Solvent Recovery
  • Recovery Volume : 100
  • Power Cosuption : 220v AC, 6.65Kw
  • Dia Thermic Oil : 40 kg.
  • Machine Dimention Machine Boady : 1500mm x 980mm x 1500mm
  • Recovery Rate : 85%

200 Ltr Solvent Recovery

200 Ltr Solvent Recovery
  • Recovery Volume : 200
  • Power Cosuption : 220v AC , 10Kw
  • Dia Thermic Oil : 80 kg.
  • Machine Dimention Machine Boady : 2500mm x 1700mm x 2300mm
  • Recovery Rate : 85%

C. Operating steps:

1. After opening the crate, plug in 220 V power, and connect the ground (earth).
2. Open the lid and fill the tank up to the level with solvent to be recovered (80 L)
3. Close the lid and tighten it.
4. Check all the pipe / hose make sure it is well connected. Especially vacuum pipe (6) and fresh come-out pipe(1).
5. Set up the thermostat(18) for example for 150 degree C, for green chemical is 160-210 degree C. Vacuum tank pressure(3) high at 0.03 Mpa / low at 6.01Mpa, and steam cooling fan thermostat(11) at 40 degree C.
6. Turn on the power switch(15), steam cooling switch(16), heater switch(17) and vacuum pump switch(12).
7. If you want to be controlled with timer, it depends on the quantity of the chemical, set up the timer(14) then turn on the switch(13).

D. Important:

1. Install the unit in a wide and ventilated place.
2. Disconnect electric power before doing any action.
3. No taking off the control panel
4. Change the diathermic oil every 1000 working hours.
5. No filling the solvent container up over the level (80 liters)
6. Remove the waste after every recovery process

(Cm) 30 Ltr. 60 Ltr. 80 Ltr. 100 Ltr. 200 Ltr.
Recovery Volume 30 60 80 100 200
Machine Size 96 x 61 x 94 110 x 78 x 120 130 x 88 x 130 150 x 98 x 150 250 x 170 x 230
Power Required 220v AC . 65 Kw 200v AC 4.65 Kw 220v AC 5.65 Kw 220v AC 6.65 Kw 380v AC 10 Kw
Dia Themic Oil 20 Kg. 28 Kg. 33 Kg. 40 Kg. 80 Kg.
Temperature C 50 - 180 50 - 180 50 - 180 50 - 180 50 - 180
Recovery Rate 85% 85% 85% 85% 85%
Net Weight 130 Kg 160 Kg 200 Kg 300 Kg 400 Kg
Gross Weight 230 Kg 230 Kg 300 Kg 400 Kg 500 Kg
Crate Size 106 x 81 x 104 120 x 97 x 130 140 x 180 x 140 160 x 118 x 160 260 x 190 x 240

Top 9 Reasons to Install Solvent Recovery in Yoour Photopolymer Plate Making - Process Room

Chemical Cast
Installation of Solvent Recovery Unit in Photopolymer Plate Making Process Room Reduces 15% Production Cost of Photopolymer Plate.

High Quality Output of Recycle Chemical
Recycle chemical quality as much as good of fresh chemical

Low Spaces, Low Cost, Noiseless Process
(a.) Solvent Recovery is occupy Space side is only 1M x 1 mtr x 1 mtr Based on consumption
(b.) Just 6 month to 1 year return of investment ratio.
(c.) Complete noiseless process of distillatoin

Green Environment
(a.) Distillation is pollution free process.
(b.) Complete closed cycle.
(c.) During process no any chemical smell outcome.
(d.) Throwing of chemical in is directly ham to envoronment as well 100% loss of money

Reliable Safety features of Equipments
(a.) Complete safe
(b.) Explosion proof autumatic safety features
(c.) Automatic heater on off by thermostat
(d.) Negative pressure during process distillation process which is most safety features
(e.) Indirect heat process of distillation by dia thermic oil which is most safety
(f.) Entire process tanks manufactuning from SS304 grade

High Chemical Distillation Ratio
(Because of vacuum receiver tank and cold air circulation system very high Recovery ratio 85% recovery ratio of chemical with shortest time of process.

Easy Operation & Low Production Cost
(a.) Very easy to operate machine as well very low production cost of recovery per ltr refer our video link
(b.) If you need operation manual for your study reference, please email us at

Green Chemical
Any environmental green chemical a possible to distillation in sane equipment.

World Satisfied customer
More then 200 successfuly installation running world wide
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