Liquid Polymer Equipments

Liquid Polymer Equipments

Liqud Polymer Flexobag
Liqud Polymer Flexobag

@flexoBag is a brand new development of flexographic plate making system for corrugated & paper printing industryThis innovative creation is experienced from both of conventional liquid photopolymer and solvent plate for 30 years.

@flexoBag is a faster exposure, with fine reproduction details, water wash-out, easy and rapid operation system. For a 4mm plate for corrugated board printing exposure time is only 5 min, wide latitude, fine details, no bubbles, tolerance within +/- 0.03mm, good for all kids of flexo printing. Available size up to 42 x 60 inch (110 x 160cm), larger size equipment is available under your request.

@flexoBag Plus drying and anti-tack treatment whole process for a 4 mm plate is less than 20 minutes. Your existing plate making machine is also good enough for this system, only a new double side exposure unit is required. Most important is that total plate making cost is only 50% of a solvent-wash photopolymer plate.

@flexoBag Water wash-out is the best advantage of this system, do not have to use solvent means less drying time, quick ready, saving cost from production and environmental green. Water washout time is only 3 min. for a 4mm plate.

Sealing Unit (BS) : With instant and constant sealing results for the image size you required, to avoid various stock for different gauges and dimensions.

Filling Unit (BF) : With high pressure air from your own air-compressor to fill in the photo-polymer resin to the bag with no bubble for immediate plate making.

Recovering Unit (BR) : With air-knife to clear off and collect the unhardened photopolymer in order for reuse, by this will also increase 10-20% of your production.

Models : @2436 (for plate size up to 24 x 36 inches = 60 x 90 cm) @4260 (for plate size up to 42 x 60 inches = 110 x 160 cm)

Exposure Unit : Double-size exposure + anti-tack treatment unit (GT) with high intensity lamps good for fine dot reproduction. With powerful air exhausting during atit-tack treatment.

Washout + Drying Unit : Flat water washout with recirculation & filtration + Drying unit (WD) with built-in water heating, circulating and filtration system with sticky mounting during washout - no double side tape required.